Use a Food Diary to Lose Big

SubscribeButton-webfood diaryThink back to yesterday. Do you remember everything you ate? Probably not. It’s all too easy to gloss over the little things you pop in your mouth here and there. But those can quickly add up to extra pounds.By using your “No-Cheat Sheet” journal to track your daily food intake, you’ll be more conscious of what you’re actually eating and see where you need to cut back or where to add more nutritional alternatives.

  1. Write down what and how much of each food you eat and drink. (Example: 20 chips, an 8-ounce chicken breast, two Reliv shakes.)
  2. Include condiments and sauces.
  3. Record the time, location, activity and setting of what you ate to track your eating habits.
  4. Note how you felt while you were eating.

Seeing our daily eating habits on paper can often point out problem areas and reveal opportunities for simple solutions.

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