Get Fit Faster

“If I’d known I was going to live so long, I’d have taken better care of myself” — Leon Eldred
Are you taking good care of yourself? Besides eating healthy, you’ve got to move it, baby! Being fit will make you feel better, look better and get more accomplished every day — not to mention the benefits to your bones, muscles, heart and other body parts!
It seems our biggest obstacle to getting more fit is time. But here are some time-savvy ways to get started on your road to fitness.
Getting Started… 
Make a date. Schedule regular times throughout the week for physical activity just as you schedule meetings, hair appointments, and time for your favorite TV show. Slot in at least 20 minutes a day of physical activity.

Start a log of daily fitness activities. Seeing all you’ve done is empowering and may spark new ideas to incorporate more activity into your day.

Get psyched with fun, flattering workout clothes or at least a new pair of sneakers. Keep them handy in their own drawer if possible so getting ready is quick and excuse-free.

Choose activities you enjoy so you’ll stick with them. Don’t sign up for an aerobics class if you prefer solo exercise or have an erratic schedule. Mix it up to keep it interesting.
Set up a support system. Arrange childcare so you can exercise without worry and find a fitness buddy who will work out with you or at least check in on you to make sure you’re off the sofa.
All Systems Go!

  • If you don’t have larger blocks of time available, try to squeeze in at least three brisk, 10-minute walks a day. Or fill in with other “microbursts” of activity throughout the day.
  • Keep a set of hand weights near your desk or by the phone at home. Take a five-minute break in the morning and afternoon for a few sets of arm curls. While you’re on the phone, use your time by lifting the weights with alternating arms.
  • If your fitness level is at ground zero, start with just 10 minutes a day of walking. You’ll be surprised how fast you’re able to build on that time and how much energy it gives you.
  • Always use the stairs where possible. Start your own mantra: “Elevators and escalators are for wimps!”
  • To build strength, look for excuses to lug around whatever you can — book bags, groceries, large purses, infant car seats, etc.
  • Walk or jog instead of driving when possible, such as to and from school, a friend’s house, the grocery store, library, park, lunch errands, etc.
  • Make chores more fun and active. Put on some lively music while you scrub, mop and vacuum with a little boogie in your step. Really put some effort and speed into what you’re doing to get your heart pumping.
  • Is it tough to motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning to exercise? Then exercise while you’re still there! Lay flat on the mattress and do 10 stomach crunches. Every day, add another crunch until you reach 100. Flat abs and grog-free mornings await you!
  • Yard work has to be done anyway, right? Consider it a 2-for-1 special! Mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, and raking leaves are great ways to get fresh air and fit – while you’re sprucing up your yard. Find ways to make it a little more intense by skipping the power tools and using your own “manpower” with hand trimmers, hedge clippers, rakes, etc.
  • Don’t circle looking for the closest parking spot. Park the car as far away from the entrance as possible. All those steps add up to a fitter you. And by the time you finally find the “prime” close spot, you probably could have walked to your destination already anyway!

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