Get Back on the Weight Loss Wagon

SubscribeButton-webweight loss band wagonGet-togethers, vacations and more unstructured schedules may have thrown your weight-loss efforts off track. But don’t give up. Take action now to start eating healthy again. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get back in the slimming swing of things.Here are some solid action steps to kick your stalled weight loss in gear:

1. Face the music. No matter how scary, you have to muster the courage to climb on that scale again to assess the damage. Maybe it won’t be as bad as you thought! You’ll know where you’re starting from so you can monitor your progress.
2. Make a plan. Set your goals, write a grocery list, measure your portions, and prepare healthy foods and snacks ahead of time. Post your meal plans on the fridge and set your plan in motion.
3. Log it. Get in the habit of using a food journal to write down every morsel you eat — including that passing handful of chips or bite of brownie.
4. Get moving. It’s the sure-fire way to give those sneaky pounds the slip a little faster. It also keeps you mentally charged up and motivated to stay on track. Starting your exercise first thing in the morning gives you an increased awareness of your body that lasts all day. So you’ll think twice about that second serving!
5. Accept temporary setbacks. The good news is a little bit of weight gain from a holiday, vacation or stressful time won’t unravel everything you’ve done. Life is all about ups and downs. Slips happen. Just learn how to enjoy vacations, parties and holidays by being prepared to get right back on track. The longer you wait to rein in your eating, the harder it will be to undo the damage. Don’t use a slip to give up completely. Keep looking forward and the pounds will come off.

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