Even Skeptics Will Want to Join Team Reliv!

Reliv Distributors are great storytellers. And to appeal to all people from all health backgrounds, a good mix of different types of stories is essential.

We asked Bronze Ambassador Mark Gauger, North Yarmouth, ME, to share why it is important to share healthy, active Reliv stories when introducing Reliv to new people. Here’s what he shared:

Gauger There’s a big misconception out there that only sick people are looking for supplements. During a Tuesday night BOM, a relative once told me, “I don’t need Reliv because I’m not sick!.” This is simply false – there are lots of reasons why healthy people want and need to supplement their active lifestyle.

Be the Person You Want to Attract

We constantly face questions from skeptics:

“If Reliv is so good then why don’t doctors know about it?”

“Why isn’t Reliv sold in stores?”

“Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

It’s easy to fall into this skeptical trap. That’s why healthy people are a huge opportunity to expand your market! I was healthy before I took Reliv. I led an active lifestyle, ate right and stayed in shape. I feel even better now that I’m taking Reliv! I have energy, no aches and I recover faster after workouts.

I tell other healthy people about my own active lifestyle. They see that I have no limits on what I can do. With Reliv I’m in charge of my own health! It’s important to be and look healthy, fit and young. Be the person you want to attract in business! (Now, if Dr. Carl could only find a nutritional answer for male-pattern baldness…)

Team Reliv Opportunities

Go to a charitable 5K and you’ll meet so many people looking for that competitive edge. These healthy, happy productive people are uplifting, inspirational and fun to be around. They’re open to the thought of eating right and supplementing with Reliv products to improve their health and performance. Reliv products offer them the perfect solution, especially our new healthy energy shot 24K!

Last weekend at Team Reliv event, a new Distributor told me, “Boy, it sure is nice talking to healthy people.” You know what? He’s right! Team Reliv puts us in a position where people come to us to ask us about Reliv! How powerful is that? We emphasize that Reliv is state-of-the-art nutrition based on the latest research and development. People want the latest technology…we’ve got it in Reliv!

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