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Easy Ways to Sneak in More Exercise

Exercise snippets add up at the end of the day. Even the necessary labors of the day like cleaning your house can be counted!

  1. Park the car further away in the parking lot. It usually won’t take any more time for you to
  2. walk further than it does for you to drive in circles trying to find the closest spot.
  3. Use the stairs rather than an elevator or escalator.
  4. Take a fitness break at work instead of a snack break. Walk through the halls, up and down stairs or around the parking lot.
  5. Play with your kids (or play like a kid!). Pitch and catch, shooting baskets, or kicking the ball around is great exercise… and fun, too! If you’re really feeling bold and retro, try jumping rope or using the hula hoop!
  6. Trade your self-propelled mower for a motorless push-reel mower. It’s a whole new way to go green and save on escalating gas prices while you get real exercise. If you can’t make the switch, at least turn off the self-propel option on your mower.
  7. Grow a garden. Digging, raking, and pulling weeds get your muscles moving. And if you’re growing vegetables, all the better for a healthy diet!
  8. Wash and wax your car. Buff it and really make it shine to work your muscles and burn calories.
  9. Walk or ride your bike to run errands whenever you can. You’ll burn calories instead of gas!
  10. Mop and/or vacuum your floors more often. Who couldn’t use a little more cleanliness?
  11. Dance to your favorite music right in your living room. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet and no rhythm. The whole family can join in. And don’t forget the spatula for a microphone!

Remember to wear your Slimplicity® pedometer to make sure all these tasks are counted toward your daily 10,000 steps!

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