Dear Diary, Thank You for Helping Me Lose Weight…

SubscribeButton-webdiaryTo lose weight, it’s important to pull together the right tools first. One essential basic is a food diary. Don’t write it off as an optional, “if I get around to it” part of your day. Keeping a food diary can have as much impact on weight loss as cutting out a giant bowl of ice cream every night.A food diary can unearth not only what you’re eating and how much, but also why you’re eating. As a result, you can get to the root of where those sneaky pounds came from and how to best get rid of them for good. And you can track your progress to celebrate your successes!

Your best bet is to keep your food diary simple. Use your Reliv Slimplicity® “No-Cheat Sheet” or start a new food diary in a notebook. Keeping track of what you eat each day keeps you accountable and more mindful of what you’re putting in your mouth. And you’ll notice patterns, such as eating when you’re sad or bored. Your food diary will be a reality check — and a weight loss buddy.

Here’s what you need to record:

What you ate or drank: Be honest about every bite and every sip. Several of those “throwaway” nibbles each day can add up quickly.

Portion size: How big was that dollop really and how many chips did you eat? (Hopefully, you’ll realize it’s better to swap chips for something like apple slices…) This can be incentive to use measuring cups, spoons and your handy portion size guide.

Time: Knowing when you ate can help you make sure you’re eating often enough (every three to four hours) to avoid binging, but also to help you realize you may be eating way too often. And you’ll recognize any danger zones.
Location: Were you standing at the counter to eat? In front of the TV? Did you eat alone or with family or certain friends?

Hunger level: Were you famished before you started? Or not really hungry at all?

Feelings: How were you feeling when you decided to eat? Depressed? Bored? Happy?

Turn to Slimplicity for a complete weight loss system to help you win the battle of the bulge once and for all. The plan includes a satisfying meal replacement shake, Accelerator capsules to curb your appetite and rev your metabolism, online support with motivating tips and information, a food and exercise journal, and a pedometer to get you moving.

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