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Avoid the Numbers Game

That single step onto a scale can be terrifying. It can ruin your day if the numbers aren’t heading downward or if they start in a shocking place from the last time you looked (a year ago!).But there is a way to avoid the numbers game. You can get around facing scale numbers and even measuring tape inches while still working toward healthy weight loss. This approach still monitors your weight loss progress without throwing numbers in your face. Here’s how:

Use a different piece of ribbon for each measurement. Wrap around each area, such as chest, waist, hips and thighs, and either mark on the ribbon where the ends come together or cut it off there. Then a month later, use the same ribbons and mark the new meeting place with a different color marker — or cut off the excess. What a feeling to see your body shrinking!

Reliv Slimplicity® Weight Loss System offers more options to monitor progress without measuring anything other than distance. Along with delicious shakes for simple, no-measuring meals and Accelerator capsules for no-hunger days, Slimplicity includes a pedometer to measure how many steps you take each day. Not a bad option to a scale! The kit also includes food and exercise journals so you can track how you’re doing. No measurements required unless you want to!

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