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10 Low-Cal Meals in a Flash

Now that spring is here, you’re done with hibernating and are ready to get out and go. When you’re on the run or don’t feel like spending time inside cooking, don’t just grab anything. Mindless eating is a sure-fire way to pack on the pounds. Instead, turn to these quick, healthy, low-calorie meals:1. Refreshing smoothie: Blend skim milk, frozen fruit, and 1 Tablespoon wheat germ or flaxseed oil. To boost calcium even more, add yogurt. Get creative with your fruit combinations and don’t forget to add your daily combination of Reliv products!

2. Fast food fun: Yes, we said fast food. Choose the smallest — often kid-size —burger (hold the mayo and bacon) but skip the fries. Many fast-food restaurants now offer apple slices, applesauce or other fruit on the side. Or choose a small garden salad with light dressing.

3. Big kids’ favorite: A protein-rich peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread with a glass skim milk and an apple is simple and satisfying.

4. Elvis’s favorite: Peanut butter on a toasted whole-wheat muffin topped with sliced bananas rocks!

5. Turkey trot: Wrap thinly sliced turkey breast around string cheese. Round out with grape tomatoes on the side, sliced fruit and a glass of skim milk.

6. Breakfast for dinner: Top your packet of cooked oatmeal with pecans or walnuts, and banana slices or blueberries. Cereal with fruit and skim milk is a winner, too.

7. Freezer favorite: Keep a stash of low-cal, healthy frozen entrees on hand. The variety will keep your taste buds satisfied.

8. Fruity fun: Cut up (or buy pre-cut) an assortment of fresh fruit and top with yogurt and walnuts.

9. Savvy salad: Top convenient pre-bagged lettuce with canned tuna or chicken, grape tomatoes, shredded low-fat cheese and low-cal Italian dressing.

10. Simple soup: Heat up a can of soup such as tomato, chicken noodle or vegetable soup. A small salad on the side boosts the healthy quotient.

Another option when time is at a premium and cooking sounds unappealing is a Slimplicity® meal replacement shake. At just 90 calories, these delicious strawberry, vanilla or chocolate shakes are a healthy, satisfying choice for any meal. Packed with fiber and metabolism-boosting nutrition, a Slimplicity shake gives you an edge in your weight loss efforts.
In addition, the Slimplicity Starter Kit includes

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