7 Ways to Optimize Your Family’s Food Choices

SubscribeButton-webfamily food choicesHere are some simple ways you can help your family make healthy food choices:

  1. Make fruit easier to eat by serving it in bite-sized pieces with yogurt for dipping.
  2. Serve vegetables with fun dipping options — like peanut butter, light salad dressing and salsa.
  3. Teach older children to read the ingredient list on food packages at the grocery store and choose those with whole grains at the top of the list.
  4. Encourage your children to help in making the grocery list, shopping, preparing, and serving the meals.
  5. Serve low-fat milk during meals.
  6. Make your own nutritious snacks at home, like trail mix or granola. Store 1/2-cup portions in baggies.
  7. Pre-bagging snacks will allow children to “grab and go” when they’re hungry, and help them learn appropriate portion sizes.
  8. Have your children take turns choosing a “color of the week” and then picking out a fruit or vegetable of the same color at the grocery store.