Don’t Let the Fat Goblin Grab You!

SubscribeButton-webhalloweenHalloween is now considered the big kickoff to the holidays — complete with all the calorie-laden treats!

At Halloween, there are few tricks but plenty of treats. Weeks before Halloween, you’ll likely be buying candy to give out Halloween night. The temptation is right there. In your house. Mountains of candy. Eek!

And of course you want to have enough candy so you don’t run out. So then there are leftovers. It’s enough to bewitch the most disciplined dieter!

Remember, just an extra 500 calories a day for a week adds up to a one-pound weight gain. Just a few snack-size candy bars can easily rack up 500 calories! (Read the bag for a reality check!)

10 Ways to Scare Away the Pounds

  1. 1. Wait to buy candy until just a day or two before Halloween. That way you’re less likely to be digging into the stash!
  2. 2. Keep the candy you buy out of sight and don’t open the bags until just before trick-or-treaters arrive.
  3. 3. Be conservative in gauging how much you need to buy to limit leftovers.
  4. 4. Don’t buy Halloween candy that you like so you’ll be less interested in polishing off whatever is left.
  5. 5. Instead of candy, consider buying non-food items to pass out like pencils, crayons or stickers.
  6. 6. Plan to give away the leftovers. Either be extra generous to the last few trick-or treaters, send the candy to your child’s school for the next class party, or take the candy to your church office or to work. If you have no takers, take the candy to the trash. If you don’t have the heart to do that, freeze the candy to make it less tempting.
  7. 7. If you must have candy, limit yourself to one piece and savor every morsel of it.
  8. 8. If you find yourself snacking on candy, ramp up your exercise to make up for it.
  9. 9. Make your exercise routine a habit now to prepare for the next round of holiday goodies to come!
  10. 10. Remember, Halloween is about goblins, not gobbling!
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