My Story: Vicki Mercado

Couple Sheds Pounds Together With Slimplicity

Vicki Mercado, of Dodge City, Kansas, used to avoid cameras because she didn’t feel good about the way she looked. “I’d just given up,” Vicki says. “I’d started telling myself that I was just going to have to accept myself fat.”

Vicki and her husband, Johnny, had tried dieting many times, but just couldn’t get the weight off. They had also tried other weight-loss products, but didn’t like the side effects —  especially feeling jittery. They weren’t comfortable with the potential heart risks, either. But when they heard about Reliv’s Slimplicity® Weight Loss System, they knew they had to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

“As Distributors, we knew we could trust a weight-loss product made by Reliv,” Vicki says. Since the couple began the program in February 2007, Vicki has lost 57 pounds and Johnny has shed 47. Both would like to lose more, and believe their new lifestyle makes it possible.

They’re eating healthier now — something they truly enjoy. And they’re using the Slimplicity system to keep their metabolisms humming without those jittery side effects.

“Shopping is wonderful,” says Vicki, who used to wear size 20. “Now I have some size 10s that are getting baggy! I finally feel feminine for the first time in my life.”