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My Story: Valerie Opie

OpieMother and Son Get Added Boost With GlucAffect
Presidential Bronze Ambassador Valerie Opie of Mesa, Arizona, is seeing some surprising new results — particularly in her mid-section — since starting on Reliv’s newest product, GlucAffect. “In the six weeks I’ve been on the product, I’ve lost an inch around my waist and three inches of belly fat,” Valerie reports.Perhaps even more exciting to Valerie has been watching her 13-year-old son, Samuel, achieve his own results with GlucAffect.
“In just one week, Samuel lost 10 pounds and dropped a pants size,” Valerie states — adding that, after also losing between 10 and 15 pounds earlier with Simplicity®, Samuel is now at his ideal weight.
The introduction of GlucAffect has helped Valerie reignite her Reliv business, as well. “I stepped back from my business after our house burned down two-and-a-half years ago,” she explains. “GlucAffect has given me a reason to re-visit everyone about Reliv, and now my business is booming again!
“Right now, there is a huge market of people looking for exactly what Reliv has to offer — effective and affordable targeted solutions to specific health issues,” Valerie adds. “I’ve never been more excited about Reliv than I am right now!”

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