My Story: Tina Stacey

Taking Back an Active Life
Tina Stacey of Kahnawake, Canada, is doing all of the things she loves again — working at a recycling plant, participating in the three-day dancing festivals on her Mohawk reservation near Montreal, playing ice hockey and, most importantly, picking up her young daughter.
“Who doesn’t want to pick up their baby?” asks Tina, remembering all of the times she was stuck on the floor because of pain from herniated discs in her lower back, osteoarthritis in her spine and chronic neck pain. “I was really down in the dumps from all of it. I definitely had depression, too.”
Tina felt like she’d exhausted all of her possibilities for help: surgery, chiropractors, acupuncturists and the medicine man on the reservation. Then she saw a Reliv poster. She says she started to feel better after her third Reliv shake.

“After being on Reliv for more than two years, I can honestly say that I’m a lot better than I was. I’m happy and energetic,” Tina reports. “I’m organizing a women’s hockey team and dancing all of the festival dances with my daughter! Thank you, Reliv, for giving me my life back.”