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My Story: Suzanne and Earl Anderson

Reliving the Good Life

Six-Star Directors Suzanne and Earl Anderson of Bloomington, Illinois, have overcome a great deal with Reliv and have seen their lives change dramatically for the better. “I had suffered with frequent and severe headaches all my life,” Suzanne says. “I was using strong pain medications and experimenting with bio-feedback and nutritional treatment, but everything just seemed to exacerbate the problem. I’ve also had serious joint pain for 10 or 15 years.”

Earl was fighting his own health issues, including high blood pressure, high blood sugar and a developing prostate problem.

“Our daughter introduced us to the Reliv products four years ago,” Suzanne says. “I noticed steady improvement and over six months my joints significantly improved. It took a while longer, but in time, I no longer suffered those debilitating headaches. And Earl astounded his doctors — he was now maintaining healthy numbers.

“Simple things, like getting in and out of our van, used to be a painful chore for me,” Suzanne remembers. “Now I am so much stronger and we both have much more energy. We can enjoy going for walks, and traveling and our days are longer and more productive, thanks to Reliv.”

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