My Story: Steve Tucker

Getting His Life Back in His Hands

Steve Tucker is a former autoworker from Affton, Missouri. In the years before he retired, Steve underwent a series of surgeries to repair his foot after it was crushed in a workplace accident.

These surgeries sent Steve into a prolonged period of inactivity that led him to gain 80 pounds. A visit to his doctor for a physical confirmed his fears: “Everything my doctor told me was bad,” he says. “In addition to being overweight, my blood pressure was high, all my cholesterol levels were bad, my triglycerides were off the chart and my blood glucose level was averaging over 260.”

In response to this bleak report, Steve began drinking four Reliv shakes a day containing GlucAffect™. He added CardioSentials® to two of these shakes. The rapid results surprised everyone — including his doctor.

“Within a couple of weeks, my daily blood sugar numbers were down around 150,” says Steve. “When I went back for my six-week checkup, my numbers across the board were near the healthy range.”

Steve also has changed his eating habits and established a daily exercise routine. “I’ve lost 21 pounds and in just six short weeks I have gotten my life back into my own hands” he says. “It’s wonderful!”