My Story: Sherry Cramer

Back in Control With GlucAffect

Reliv Director Sherry Cramer of Charleroi, Pennsylvania, really looks forward to putting a scoop of GlucAffect™ in her coffee. “It tastes a little bit like hot chocolate with cinnamon,” says Sherry, who started taking Reliv products when was diagnosed with type II diabetes two years ago.

“Staying consistent with Reliv’s basic nutrition really helped me with my high blood pressure, cholesterol and circulation in my feet, so when I heard about GlucAffect, I started taking it right away,” she says. “In just five weeks, I’ve lost nine pounds and my daily sugar readings have improved significantly.”

Sherry says controlling her diabetes and watching her weight can be difficult, especially since she craves carbohydrates and sweets. But she says GlucAffect is helping to curb some of those cravings.

“I’m finding that I don’t think about food all of the time,” she says. “I used to start thinking about what I was going to have for dinner while I was eating lunch. Now I can focus on other things and not feel like I need to nibble on something. That craving for something sweet just isn’t as strong. And I feel great!”

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