My Story: Sara Shields

Lower Blood Sugar, Lower Weight, Better Health
Two years ago at the age of just 31, Sara Shields of Siletz, Oregon, already had many symptoms of metabolic syndrome. She was overweight, apple-shaped, and had high cholesterol and high blood sugar. Her doctors told her she would likely have diabetes by age 35 if she didn’t make some lifestyle changes.
But Sara was in a Catch-22. She tried to lose weight but couldn’t exercise much because of back problems. In May 2008, she began taking Reliv’s basic nutrition, which helped alleviate some of her back discomfort. Her energy was improved, but her weight still dragged her down.
Things began to turn around the following November when Sara added GlucAffect to her daily shakes. In two months, she lost 16 pounds and noticed her blood sugar leveled out, even after meals.
“GlucAffect gave me the extra boost to start losing weight,” Sara says. “With the weight loss it was easier to work out, so now I’ve joined a gym and am walking regularly. Before when my blood sugar was high, I felt very lethargic, bloated and grumpy. Now that my blood sugar has stabilized, I feel so much better and don’t even crave sweets anymore.”
As a Reliv Master Affiliate, Sara says GlucAffect is also giving her a new avenue to talk to more people. “It’s given me an edge and opened doors. I’m much more active in my business now.”

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