My Story: Sara Guevara

Sara Guevara, World-class Taekwondo athlete

Canberra, Australia

Life in Athletics: Taekwondo student for 8+ years, competing seriously for past three years. Silver medal in 2008 Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships in Canada. 2010 Australian National Champion. Training for the selections competition for the Olympic World Qualifying Tournament. Competing in World Uni Games in Shenzen, China, in August and in 2011 Australian Nationals two weeks later.
Because of Reliv… “I can focus more clearly. My sport can be quite dangerous, and when there is a chance you can get knocked out, you need to be 100% focused. Reliv helps give me that extra edge. Plus, I work full-time as a physiotherapist and train at least eight times per week. Reliv gives me the energy to do it all and still have time for the most important things in life, like family and friends.”

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