Meet Our Ambassadors: Sally and Terry Cover

CoverSomething we can do together.

Ambassadors Sally and Terry Cover from Bedford, PA, didn’t set out to start a business when Sally’s sister introduced them to Reliv.

“When we signed up as Distributors, we were looking for a discount on the products we wanted for ourselves,” Sally explains.

Terry, who runs a successful logging export business, drank his shakes at work. Pretty soon, employees were asking him what he was drinking. “Before we knew it, we had people who wanted to try Reliv,” Sally says. The business took off as the Covers shared Reliv with coworkers, family and friends.

“We attended our first International Conference in 2010, and were so impressed by the people and the company,” Terry says. The couple used conference to take their business to the next level, sponsoring 16 Distributors in the two months following! “Our goal is to sponsor 25 by the end of 2010,” Terry explains.

Surpassing Our Goals.

In November 2011, Sally and Terry set the goal of reaching Senior Director. When they had already reached their goal by the middle of the month, they began to challenge themselves even more. They decided to go for Master Director.

Sally explains, “I said ‘Do you think we can do it again?’ and Terry said, ‘Why not?’” Terry and Sally called their last two orders in New Year’s Eve and celebrated the New Year by reaching a new level of success.

Terry is very excited about the lives he’s transforming, “I’ve been in the logging business my whole life, and I’ve never worked as closely as I have with people in the last year.”

His favorite part about the business? Getting to see the excitement in their eyes when know they’re seeing results, “When you sit down face to face and you see that joy, that’s what it’s all about.”

The Covers hope their next step will be Presidential Ambassador. “It’s so rewarding to know you’re helping people get their life back. These products have changed our lives so much that we can’t not go out and tell people how to get the same experience!”

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