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My Story: Rich and Tina Nolin

Reliv Earns ‘Top Honors’ With High Schooler

Rich Nolin and his wife, Tina, of Hudson, Massachusetts, were thrilled with their Reliv results. Rich experienced relief for acid reflux and Tina had positive results with SoySentials® dietary supplement for women. But the story they enjoy telling most has a different main character: their son, Zackery.

As a freshman in high school, Zack had been having problems in school since the fourth grade. Study was difficult — focus was never easy.

“Zack agreed to take Reliv for the summer and had great results!” Rich says. “By the end of the summer, we noticed he was able to stay focused and ‘on task’ much better. We didn’t have to stand over him and coach him on the next step in his chores. What a relief to have him behaving autonomously!”

When Zack went back to school in September, one teacher commented, “He’s a brand new kid! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!” The entire family was sold.

“When report cards came out, Zack had brought his grades up a full letter grade across the board!” Rich says. “Reliv has earned its place in our home.”

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