My Story: Ria Mastenbrook

For eight years, Ria Mastenbrook of Sparta, New Jersey, was nearly completely disabled due to sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that affected Ria’s joints, lungs and heart. She was in extreme pain, slept every afternoon for three hours, and could barely take care of her two young children.

Five months ago, she started on Reliv Classic® and Innergize!® and now feels better every day, she says. “Now I don’t have to take long naps, my pain is reduced and I’m better able to take care of my kids.”

Ria also suffers from unstable blood sugar, so she decided to try GlucAffect™ in November.

Since then, she has noticed her blood sugar levels are now consistently in the normal range. “I felt horrible when I had episodes, but since taking GlucAffect, my blood sugar has remained steady,” she says. “I feel more balanced. I’ve also lost another 5 pounds just by taking two scoops a day. Reliv gives me hope that there could be an eventual end to the physical and emotional strife my family and I have lived.”

Friends and family are starting to notice the healthier Ria, who is a new Reliv Distributor along with her husband, Robert. “GlucAffect is starting to get people’s attention and they’re asking us more about Reliv,” Ria says. “This is our financial future.”

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