My Story: Paula Coffey

Name: Paula Coffey
Hometown: Millersburg, Ohio
Gig: Reliv, former hairdresser
Reliv lifestyle: “I don’t have to wonder if we can take time off to visit family. Reliv has given us the freedom to travel whenever we want.”
Relivables® r collection: “I love the r collection from Relivables! I ran into a former classmate last week. I couldn’t believe the difference in the crow’s feet around her eyes compared to mine.”
Not-so-secret weapon: “I’m always telling people about my skincare secret weapon. When I tell my customers about the r line, they always want to try it — and they love it!”
Skin nutrition: “The RA7 complex actually delivers nutrition to my skin. Not only do I feel younger, people tell me I look younger too!”
Living the dream: “When I close my eyes and dream of the life I want to have… I already have it!”

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