My Story: Paula Coffey

They Walk the Talk

Ambassador Paula Coffey of Millersburg, Ohio, and her husband, George, hold regular GlucAffect™ calls with their Distributors. Most have customers using it with remarkable results. One couple even joined Reliv as Master Affiliates because of it! “He is a diabetic so they wanted the product,” explains Paula. “When I told them about the opportunity to build a business around GlucAffect, they came into the business at the top profit level. They wanted to be the first to market it and were thinking of family members and friends they could help.”

We all know people who have diabetes or who need help managing their blood sugar levels, notes Paula. “GlucAffect has clinical trial results supporting that it just flat-out works,” she says. “When people get amazing results, they share their stories and then those people want GlucAffect, too. This is an awesome nutritional product and an amazing business opportunity.”

The Coffeys “walk the talk.” George’s 83-year-old mother uses GlucAffect and Paula takes it in her daily shakes, despite having no blood sugar problems. “I like the way it tastes and I crave those healthy ingredients,” she says. “Dr. Carl has come up with a wonderful product — there is nothing out there that compares.”

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