My Story: Nedra Smith

Now I can take my grandkids to the amusement park!
GlucAffect®’s launch two years ago couldn’t have been better timing for Key Director Nedra Smith of Fairfield, CA. Just three days prior, Nedra had been diagnosed with diabetes, a condition that runs in her family.
“With my blood sugar unbalanced, I didn’t sleep well and I always had to take naps. I was simply exhausted,” Nedra says. The fatigue made it difficult for Nedra to enjoy her grandkids’ football games or spend a day with them at a local amusement park.
Nedra started on GlucAffect right away. “I mixed it with my essential nutrition shakes three times per day. I also mixed it into my tea,” she explains. Within a few months, Nedra’s blood sugar had lowered to the healthy range.
“I slept more soundly at night, so I had more energy during the day,” Nedra adds. With the added energy, Nedra was able to start exercising, which led to another benefit: improved cholesterol.
“Without GlucAffect, I know my blood sugar problems would have continued as they were,” Nedra concludes. “Instead, my life has been totally changed by these products! Now I can take my grandkids to the amusement park!”

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