My Story: Necia Anderson

Necia Anderson, of Pomona Park, Florida, was relieved when she finally figured out why she was so tired all of the time. “I kept wondering what was wrong with me,” she says. “I was just exhausted.”

Tests showed Necia was anemic, so much so that she was advised to take iron pills for the rest of her life. But Necia knew iron pills would do nothing to help her with depression or the bouts of irritable bowel syndrome she also experienced.

“We’ve always been a family that believed in taking vitamins,” she says. “When I visited my daughter and tried a few Reliv shakes, I felt a difference — something I’d never experienced in the years of taking all of those vitamins.”

Within 24 hours, Necia says she had more energy than she could remember ever having. She now enjoys a great sense of well-being, and blood tests show her iron levels are steadily improving.

“I plan to stay on the Reliv products for the rest of my life,” Necia says. “And now I’m sharing them with others through my Reliv business.”

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