My Story: Mark Selman

Down 20 Pounds, by Adding GlucAffect to the Mix
When Mark Selman of Alpharetta, Georgia, learned that his fasting blood sugar level had reached 124, and his doctor started talking about medication, it “shocked” him enough to give GlucAffect® a try.
“I told my doctor about GlucAffect, and that I planned to take the product consistently four times a day, just like in the clinical trial,” Mark reports.
At his follow-up appointment two months later, Mark learned that his blood sugar level had lowered to 97, which is within the normal range. And his weight was down, as well. “I’d lost 15 pounds, and I’ve since lost five more,” Mark states.
“I give a lot — if not all — the credit to GlucAffect,” he continues. “I’ve never been able to lose this much weight before through diet and exercise alone — and I love the taste!
“My parents both died of cancer, and I’ve been taking the Reliv basic nutrition for the past four years primarily as a preventative measure,” Mark adds. “I know that, by eating right, exercising regularly, and now adding GlucAffect to my nutritional regime, I’m doing everything I can to maintain optimum health, now and in the future.”