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My Story: Manley Lane

A New Dimension of Success

Manley Lane, a 10-Star Key Director from Bath, Maine, has seen significant improvements with his health since starting on Reliv products two years ago.

“When I was introduced to Reliv, I was suffering from two auto-immune diseases, causing needle-like shocks that radiated throughout my legs,” Manley recalls. “I wound up losing my ability to drive and pretty much was confined to a wheelchair.”

Within three months of starting on Reliv’s basic nutrition, Manley was preaching at his church standing on his feet, rather than sitting in a chair. “The other day, I hiked to a fishing pond with a four-pound pack on my back!” he notes. “I never before realized the importance of great nutrition for our bodies.”

Now Manley has added GlucAffect to his nutrition regimen, and is reporting even more results. “At my annual physical, I weighed five pounds less than the previous year,” he states. “My blood pressure has improved, and my blood sugar has stabilized.

“I now have even more energy and vitality than before — and new people are joining my organization as the direct result of this new product,” Manley adds. “GlucAffect has added a whole new dimension to both my health and my business!”

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