My Story: Laureen Pohanka

Name: Laureen Pohanka
Hometown: Harrow, Ontario
Gigs: Reliv, restaurant managerBrighter side of life: “I became a Reliv Distributor on the anniversary of my dad’s death. I wanted to help change people’s lives in honor of him.”
All in the family: “Reliv has allowed me to work closely with my mother, whom I admire for raising eight children on her own. It’s amazing to build a business with her and achieve goals together!”
Reliv perks: “I received a $250 bonus during my first month as a Distributor, and an iPad within the first year. At my other job, it took me a year to get a $50 bonus!”
Success is possible: “The iPad allows me to show people success is possible with Reliv. I keep it with me all the time. It motivates prospects to stop watching and actually join the Reliv family!”