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My Story: Julie Waterman

Julie Waterman, of North Yarmouth, Maine, has regained her physical and mental acuity after a long slump. “I was tired all the time,” Julie says. “I took naps every afternoon. And I couldn’t think clearly — it was a brain fog.”
Julie also suffered with hip and shoulder pain every night. “My mother said it was old age, get used to it. Yikes! In my 40s?
“In June of 2007, I was introduced to Reliv,” Julie continues. “Within three weeks, my energy level went way up — no more naps! In three months my hip and shoulder felt much better — I couldn’t believe it! Now, I’ve started my Reliv business; I’m a fitness instructor and an interior decorator; I have the energy to volunteer at my church and, most importantly, to spend time with my kids.”
That hit home for Julie last Thanksgiving. She was out shopping with her kids and asked if they needed anything else. Her son said, “We better go home — Mom needs her nap.”
“I told him no way — if we were done shopping, I was going home to put up Christmas decorations! I hadn’t realized how much my family was impacted by my lack of energy,” Julie adds. “My mental clarity is also so much improved. I feel sharp and healthy and full of energy, all thanks to Reliv.”

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