My Story: Joseph Wojcik

Joseph Wojcik, VP – International

Recent results: Ironman Mexico – December 2010 (10 hours, 42 minutes), Boston Marathon April 2011 (3 hours, 23 minutes)
Weekly workout: Running, swimming and biking, along with yoga and strength training. Before an Ironman, I often exceed 20 hours per week for two months. Before a marathon, I run 45-50 miles per week.
Reliv routine: Morning post-workout shake: ProVantage®, Reliv Classic®, ReversAge®. Afternoon shot of 24K™. Night shake of Slimplicity® and CardioSentials®. Innergize!® on the bike, and Relivables® chocolate-coated granola bars on the bike or anytime I’m feeling hungry.
Top tips: Pick an event to train for and set a goal to finish in a certain time. Join clubs or groups with similar interests.
Lesson learned: Rest and recovery are just as important as training.
Main motivation: Staying fit enough to keep up with my two young, energetic sons!
Fit future: The pinnacle for an endurance triathlete is the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Only the top 1% of triathletes at any sanctioned race get an invite. I would consider it a great accomplishment to earn a spot.