My Story: Jerryl Birchmeier

Jerryl Birchmeier, of Rochester Hills, Michigan, thought she was tired because she was the mother of three little boys — Zachary, Seth and Kyle. But the real problem was irregular blood sugar levels.

“I had a hard time keeping up with life in general,” Jerryl recalls. “I didn’t even feel like taking the kids to the park most of the time. It just felt like too much. I felt so guilty because that wasn’t the kind of mom I wanted to be.”

A specialized diet and medication did little to control her blood sugar levels, and she still felt exhausted. Jerryl, a registered nurse, ran into a colleague at a nursing conference, and he told her about Reliv. She agreed to start her family on the products.

Within the first month, she had a better sense of well-being. A month and a half later, her blood sugars started to regulate.

“I just felt like doing more. I wanted to go places again,” she says.

Jerryl was also surprised to discover she could tolerate dairy products again after being lactose intolerant for years. One son has had great results with food allergies, and her husband Mike’s joint discomfort is less bothersome.

“With Reliv, we’re starting to see more solutions instead of just problems,” she says. “I’ve got my smile back.”