My Story: Jennifer Piercy

Headache Relief Liberates Hard-Working Mom

Stay-at-home mom and fitness instructor Jennifer Piercy of Wake Forest, North Carolina, suffered from severe headaches for nearly two years before a friend told her about Reliv.

“It had gotten so bad that anytime I touched my face, one of my children would ask, ‘Do you have a headache mommy?’” she says. “It was hard to be a good wife, mom or anything else with four to six debilitating headaches a week.”

Jennifer says she was treated by her family doctor, a neurologist and chiropractor and tried other nutritional supplements with no success. “Within three weeks on Reliv I had my first headache-free days in six weeks,” she says. “In the past 18 months, I’ve only had two severe headaches.”

Jennifer is also enjoying restful nights and, as well as more energy and a quicker recovery from her workouts. And she’s saving money on health care.

“I saved $350 in physician co-pays alone last year since my children also take Reliv,” she says. “My family and I love this company and everything it stands for!”

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