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My Story: Greg Johnson

GlucAffect Delivers!

Reliv Six-Star Key Director Greg Johnson, of Olympia, Washington, just wants to live a long, normal, healthy life, and the key will be paying close attention to his adult-onset diabetes, a disease he knows can be dangerous if left unchecked.

“Diabetes can creep up on you,” says Greg, a retired school administrator who started taking Reliv’s basic nutrition six years ago in hopes of avoiding some of the complications he’s seen friends and family members suffer as a result of the disease he’s battled himself for 11 years.

Greg’s daily regimen of careful diet, exercise and Reliv shakes was already helping him keep his blood sugar levels fairly stable, but he was excited to give Reliv’s GlucAffect a try as soon as the product was announced.

“I ordered some right away. I was surprised how quickly and dramatically my blood sugar improved once I started taking GlucAffect four times a day,” he says. “Within a week, I noticed the change.”

Adds Greg, “I’ve not experienced any complications with this disease yet, and I’d like to keep it that way!”

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