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My Story: Greg and Gail Johnson

Living a Normal Life Again

Greg and Gail Johnson, of Olympia, Washington, found GlucAffect makes the difference in their now-healthy — and normal — lifestyle. Greg is a Type II diabetic who came to Reliv six years ago. Using Reliv’s essential nutrition, he was able to bring his blood sugar levels down considerably to a pre-diabetic level that averaged 110-120, and saw his blood pressure and cholesterol return to normal levels.
The introduction of GlucAffect was the final piece of the puzzle for Greg. “Last fall, I went on GlucAffect regularly and my blood sugar has come down another 15%, to below 100. I’m really excited! My doctor says if I can keep my levels here, I may never experience any of the complications of diabetes!”
And the diet in the Johnson household? “I watch what I eat,” Greg says. “Gail is a great cook, and with GlucAffect, the occasional hamburger or pizza — or piece of cake — doesn’t send my blood sugar levels back up.
“There are a lot of people with diabetes issues,” Greg says. “And GlucAffect has given us a lot of opportunities to talk with people. There is so much interest in this product.”
“We absolutely love Reliv,” Gail adds. “We’ll never be without GlucAffect, and the energy and good health it has brought to Greg!”

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