My Story: Fran Ryce

Name: Fran Ryce
Hometown: Wexford, PA
Gig: Reliv, retired teacher
Business opportunity: “As a customer, I was connected to stories. Those stories led me to share Reliv with others. It was a natural progression to become a Distributor.”
Fear of failure: “I was excited about the business, but didn’t think I could be successful. I learned that by helping people one at a time I could build a business.”
Saving for the future: “Reliv has given me an opportunity to build a substantial retiremen t savings.”
New Reliv: “I absolutely love my new Reliv iPad! And my family just can’t get enough 24K™.”
New Fran: “Before Reliv, poor health meant I found little joy in life. Now I have my health and an amazing business. Reliv has changed my life, and I am so thankful I can dream again!”

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