My Story: Ellen Alo

Back on an Even Keel


Ellen Alo, from Simpsonville, South Carolina, discovered she had high blood sugar during routine tests in 2000. “I had serious fibromyalgia issues. And I was getting results with a number of Reliv products,” she says. “But my blood sugar was still high and my doctor put me on insulin.”When GlucAffect was launched last November, Ellen was eager to see how it might help her. “I feel so much better now,” Ellen says. “My blood sugar now tests on the low end of the scale, I have much more energy and both my triglycerides and cholesterol levels have come down… and I’ve dropped five pounds!”
Ellen appreciates the versatility of GlucAffect — she mixes it into her regular shake, or takes it in a cup of hot tea. But what she likes best about the new product is the way it helps manage her blood sugar. “When my blood sugar was too high or low, it affected my energy levels,” she says. “Since I’ve started using GlucAffect, I am on much more of an even keel.”
“I’ve talked with many people who complain about tiredness and big swings in energy,” she continues. “And I tell them I have something that could do for them what it has done for me, and that’s GlucAffect!”

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