My Story: Donna Erlbacher

Donna Erlbacher, a librarian at Denison Middle School, in Denison, Iowa, has always been interested in nutrition. And in true librarian form, she did a lot of research trying to find one product that would give her everything she needed.

“I was taking all kinds of things to get the combination just right, but I’m not a chemist,” Donna says. “I wanted something simpler.”

Even though she didn’t like the idea of having to drink a supplement, when Donna learned about Reliv from a friend and tried the product, she was more impressed than ever.

Donna was dealing with some pre-menopause symptoms, and found the night sweats particularly troubling. She’d wake up every night and find it hard to fall back asleep. She needed naps every day after school.

The first thing Donna noticed after starting the products was an increase in her energy level. After two days on the product, she realized she’d slept like a baby. It wasn’t long, and Donna’s troubles with constipation and irritable bowel syndrome were better, too.

After just six weeks on the Reliv products, Donna’s noticed other encouraging results as well. “My knees used to burn when I knelt to put away books on the shelves, but not any more!” she says. “This has really helped me with my stamina and mental clarity.”