Don Braun

In Control with GlucAffect

Don Braun, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, struggled with high blood sugar for years. A Type II diabetic, Don worked hard to keep his levels in an acceptable range. Any variation in his diet — a sandwich along with a salad at lunch — would send his levels way up.3In 2007, a friend introduced Don to Reliv. He began a regimen of several shakes a day, combining five different products and bringing his sugar levels down from a high of 399 to between 130-150 — and made his doctor happy. But when GlucAffect was unveiled, Don embraced the new product, ordering a couple of cases. Now his levels are steady in a healthy range of 110-125!
Don experienced two very interesting effects of GlucAffect. “One shake before bed, I sleep like a brick. But if I have a shake before I walk or exercise, I get a couple of hours of extra energy. I take four GlucAffect shakes a day, and I’ve cut down on my use of other products, so GlucAffect has really paid for itself.”
And, Don adds, “While I still watch my diet, that occasional sandwich does not send my blood sugar back up. And spiced apple tea, hot or cold, mixed with GlucAffect is delicious!”