My Story: David Clarke

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Reliv gave us our lives back!
Master Affiliate David Clarke of Parrish, FL, recently joined a bicycling club, an activity he says he couldn’t do without Reliv. “I started with three miles, then four, working my way up to more than 20!” David says.
As miniaturists, David and his wife, Linda, go to art shows across the country and are on the road often. But a year ago, David was feeling so exhausted and unhealthy he couldn’t travel anymore. “I had to stay home while Linda went on the road,” he explains. He could barely ride his bike, and household tasks like mowing the lawn required a nap afterward.
While Linda was on the road, she discovered Reliv. “Someone at a miniature show told her about Reliv and gave her the name of a Distributor. After just 10 days on the products, I had a sense of well-being and felt great!” David says. “Two weeks after I started the products, I completed a 28-mile bike ride — and when I got home, I had enough energy to mow the lawn!
“With my health back, Linda doesn’t have to take care of as much, so in a lot of ways it has helped her,” David adds. “Now we’re both on the products. Reliv gave us our lives back!”

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