My Story: Cyndy Brehmeyer

“I finally had to hire the neighbor boy to feed my horses and cows because I couldn’t walk down the hill to get to them,” she says. “Standing all day in court and on a cement floor really bothered my feet. My legs and knees hurt so badly at night.”

When her brother told Cyndy about his results with Reliv, she was ready to try anything.

Cyndy started taking Reliv and found gradual improvements throughout her body. As her discomfort decreased, she was able to take back chores she actually enjoys. She’s feeding her own animals and recently spent an entire day working in the garden and moving an electric fence. Her colon problems are significantly better, her joints are more flexible and her allergies are improved — a real plus for someone who lives on a farm.

“After a few weeks, I realized how much I needed these products,” she says.