My Story: Connie Gray

Connie Gray of Austin, Texas, is an emergency room nurse, and she admits she’s a skeptic when it comes to most nutrition products. But when she heard about Reliv, she was intrigued enough to give it a try and to get her husband, Austin Kessler, to join her.

Both suffered from ongoing allergies, the kind that often led to flu-like symptoms, sinus infections and bouts of bronchitis. A thyroid condition meant Connie felt cold all of the time. And Austin’s cholesterol levels were troubling.

“After beginning to take Reliv shakes, I felt warmer,” Connie says. “And I’ve felt warm ever since.”
Both got relief from allergies and for the first time in years, Connie’s had neither her annual sinus infection nor missed any work because of bronchitis.

Austin lost weight, started sleeping better and his cholesterol dropped. His triglycerides were down, as well.
Connie counts on a Reliv shake for a pick-me-up during her 12-hour shifts in the ER. “Sometimes I don’t have time to stop and eat,” she says, “so when I feel my blood sugar getting low, I go to my locker and fix a shake.”

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