My Story: Clark Bronson

Slimplicity® Hits a Home Run!

Clark Bronson of Northport, Washington, has changed his health — and his life — with Slimplicity®. “August 2005, I was working in my shop and heard an advertisement for Reliv,” Clark says. “I was worried about my wife’s health and recommended she try this stuff. She said she would if I did, too.”

Clark got great results with achy and stiff joints and digestive problems and decided to become a full-time Reliv Distributor. “Then Slimplicity came out,” he says. “I had never used a weight-loss product before. I weighed 203 pounds — I’m 58 — and on February 7, 2007, I went on the Slimplicity products with a goal of getting down to 175. By June 1, I weighed 170 and lost six inches off my waist. I hadn’t worn a size 30 since high school!”

“I watched what I ate and snacked on, walked my 10,000 steps and used Slimplicity — it’s easy and simple,” he reports. “The weight just melted off, most of it in the first eight weeks. I’ve maintained my weight within 2-3 pounds and I’ll never go back to the way I was. In my mind, Reliv has hit a home run with the Slimplicity products!”