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My Story: Carlee Turner

Name: Carlee Turner
Orem, UT
Current gig: Full-time student, Part-time running store associate, Reliv
College: Utah Valley University, Elementary Education Major
My Passion: “Running. I’m not a casual runner. Since using Innergize!®, ProVantage® and Arthaffect® to train for my marathon, I can train even harder, enjoy better muscle recovery and avoid injuries.”
My 24KTM: “I take a shot before each run and one to keep me focused during lectures.”
Running, backpacking, wakeboarding, anything outdoors. “I love trying new things. I took a self-defense class and volunteered with women in crisis. When I took an ice skating class, 24K kept me from getting tired or dizzy!”
Sharing the Energy: “My friend was always falling asleep during class. I shared 24K and she was amazed. She takes a shot whenever she’s about to nod off!”

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