My Story: Allan and Kathy Courtright

Name: Allan & Kathy Courtright
Hometown: Waxhaw, NC
Current gigs: Reliv, overseas missionaries, Director of Operations for Charlotte Eagles pro soccer team (Allan)
Kids: Kim, Katrina, Josh, Joe
Family fitness: “Our family always loved sports. But as our kids grew we spent more time watching and less time participating.”
Getting fit: “We each lost 20+ pounds with Slimplicity® and felt so much better!”
Joining the team: “When Team Reliv launched, we thought it would help us continue to get in shape.”
Online support: “We started slowly, but with encouragement from our family and Team Relivers online we ran more each time!”
Answering a challenge: “Our daughter challenged us to run a 5K. We’ve been running ever since. In a recent Team Reliv-sponsored race, Kathy and our daughter Katrina both won their age groups!”