My Story: Aaron Amato

Name: Aaron Amato
Hometown: Wyoming, MI
Gigs: Reliv, fullback for semipro football team West Michigan Force
My passion: “Before Reliv, I couldn’t do the things that made me, me. I am so much happier playing football. With Reliv, I can pursue my passion. I’m like a kid again!”
Favorite products: “My daily shake includes the ‘big three’: Reliv Now®,
Innergize!® and FibRestore®. I also enjoy ProVantage® and 24K™ healthy energy shots.”
24K: “I always bring extra double-shots of 24K to the locker room before a football game. Several of my teammates want that extra edge without the dangerous sugar and caffeine of other energy drinks.”
Nutrition for my lifestyle: “Reliv nutrition gives me the energy and stamina I need to balance all aspects of my life — playing football, running my business and, most importantly, being a new dad!”