My Story: Robin Allsopp

Robin Allsopp

Basking Ridge, NJ
Recent results: Completed half Ironman triathlon, among other events.
Weekly workout: Work out 7 days a week — running, biking, swimming, Precor machine, circuit training and weight lifting.
Reliv routine: Before workouts: Innergize!® and 24K™. During: Innergize! After: Innergize! and ProVantage®. Along with regular daily shakes.
Top tips: Pick a workout you enjoy and have fun! Realize that working out hard will give you amazing benefits, physically and mentally.
Lesson learned: I used to only run and started to have knee pain. In my mid-30s I added weight training, swimming and biking. Cross training added definition in my arms and upper body and helped prevent injury.
Main motivation: Feeling good about myself. Exercise keeps my weight steady, relieves stress and promotes long-term health. Being in shape allows be to do all the things I like to do — skiing, mountain hiking, tennis and playing with my kids, for whom I want to set a good, healthy example.
Fit future: Keep up triathlons and run my first marathon. Can I do it? Yes, I can — I’m on Reliv!

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