My Story: Amanda Lines

Athlete Succeeds on and off the Court

Special Olympian Amanda Lines, 29, of Hebron, Indiana, has improved her health with the help of Reliv’s Slimplicity® program. As a basketball, volleyball and softball player, Amanda credits her weight loss for improvements in her athletic performance as well.

“Amanda’s weight gain made it more difficult for her to compete on the basketball court,” explains her mother, Kendra Lines. After the Special Olympics in June 2009, Amanda realized she needed to lose some weight in order to keep up with the team.

“After about six to eight weeks of using the Reliv shakes, she had a lot more energy for exercise,” says Kendra. The added energy meant Amanda could take longer walks outside with her dog. When it rained, Amanda used a stationary bike indoors.

Since starting on Slimplicity, Amanda has lost 40 pounds. She is feeling so much better that she recently advanced from half-court to full-court basketball without any difficulty.

“Now I can play longer without having to be subbed out of the game as often,” says Amanda, who plays guard on the team. “And I steal the ball a lot more on defense!”

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