My Story: Steve Sullivan

Name: Steve Sullivan
Hometown: Pocatello, ID
Gig: Reliv, former professional cyclist
Winning nutrition: “I started on Reliv essential nutrition when I raced road bikes and mountain bikes professionally 17 years ago. I was looking for a competitive edge.”
Athletic results: “With ProVantage®, I have faster muscle recovery and less soreness after an intense ride. I’ve found Arthaffect® helps keep joint inflammation at bay. 24K™ keeps me mentally focused and allows me to dig deeper without the pain.”
Peak performance: “I train 10 hours a week on single track trails and roads with elevation from 4,200 to over 8,000 feet. Guys half my age wonder why they can’t keep up with me!”
Reliv lifestyle: “I love the diverse cycling topography out here in southeastern Idaho. With Reliv, I can enjoy optimal health and do what I love!”

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