Reliv Kalogris Foundation: Letter from the Chairman

From its founding, Reliv’s core mission has been to Nourish Our World. Through the work of the Reliv Kalogris Foundation, the company and our Independent Distributors have broadened that mission, bringing health and hope to thousands of people in need worldwide. Rather than simply giving money to a single cause, the Kalogris Foundation works at a grassroots level, providing nutritional support to individuals who have been nominated by Reliv Distributors for assistance. The vast majority of recipients are families right here in the United States in the throes of financial difficulties who need help maintaining good health. A significant portion of the Foundation’s donations also goes to support feeding stations in impoverished areas.

Since 1995, the Kalogris Foundation has distributed more than $26 million in nutritional support, in over 270 feeding programs and feeding over 42,000 daily, giving strong testimony to the power of individuals to collectively make a difference in people’s lives.

I invite you to look into the eyes of the faces whose lives we are changing daily through the work of the Kalogris Foundation and with your generous donations. In addition, see how Reliv products are improving the health and lives of the children around the world through our testimonials. All of these photos and testimonials are available on the Kalogris Foundation’s Facebook page and will be updated regularly as we continue our Mission to Nourish Our World.



R. Scott Montgomery
Chairman, Reliv Kalogris Foundation


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