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Make the Most of MATS!

by Senior Vice President of Distributor Success Don Gibbons

No matter where you are in your Reliv business, Master Affiliate Training Schools (MATS) can help you build. So how can you get the most out of MATS?

First, get there! Talk to your current customers. Identify customers who will look at the business opportunity and work to sponsor them. Build your own volume. Once you qualify, the next step is to bring everyone with you!

Encourage Your Downline
Find out who in your organization would like to be qualified and attend MAT School in June. Help them talk with people they have on the product. Help your Distributors talk with people they have in the business. Show them the next profit level — and how they can reach that level.

It’s about pointing out: You are here; now let’s work on getting there. This gives people something tangible to work toward — with real rewards. Just ask Presidential Bronze Ambassador Mary Light: “MATS make Reliv fun. When you can get your Distributors there, it creates a spark and encourages people to move forward. Sometimes Presidential Director seems so far up the mountain you can’t see the next step, but when you have a MATS at each step, it appears closer. Once they reach that stair step, then they start looking for the next one!”

June MATS Will Be Huge!
At June MATS, Reliv will unleash a very exciting promotion leading us into International Conference. Be there for the announcement and you can start working toward it right away! This is exactly what happened for people who were at MATS in March to learn about the limited-time iPad promotion.

Look what it did for Presidential Ambassador Karen Turner: “Momentum after MATS is incredible! As soon as we heard about the iPad promotion, we mapped out what it would take and got to work. Right away, we found those in our organization who wanted to earn the iPad. We earned our iPad and had a frontline Distributor earn an iPad too. It all started with MATS.”

MATS have always been an opportunity to hear from real people about how they have made Reliv into a serious source of income. If that appeals to you, get to MATS! If you are not qualified, get qualified! If you are qualified, start working with your organization to help them get qualified. That generates business. Let’s go!

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